Online payment

Hazzle free ! use our new payment method, reservation will automatically recorded although without conformation! Many payment option to be choosed start from credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB), Bank Transfer/ATM Transfer (all Indonesian Bank), Internet Banking, MandiriClickPay.

Make reservation to our call center 081510010123. Our system will sent a payment request to customer email. Please take attention to time limit of payment. Open your email and choose which method will you choose.


1. Select transfer to virtual account from ATM menu or fill deposit slip from a teller.

2. Insert 16 digits virtual account number from email that customer receive.

3. On ATM screen will appear customer name or fill customer name on deposit slip.

4. Write exacly amount to be trasnffered / DEPOSIT.

5. Click OK and your payment is donde.


Free of charge for OCBC NISP customer which made payment on OCBC ATM or Teller

ATM Transfer form other bank (except OCBC NISP)

1. Insert your ATM card and PIN

2. Select transfer to other bank.

3. Input 028 folow by 16 digits virtual account (ex 028+1234567788889999)

4. On the screen will appear your booking information. Click next for process.

5. Input your payment amount exacly like in your reservation.

6. Your payment is finished.

Credit Card Payment

1. Choose credit card payment

2. Insert your credit card card credential.

3. Follow instruction on the screen.


We are accepting VISA MasterCard & JCB

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